Our mentoring program is designed to give hands on training to individuals. Our mentors can help with basic safety, complex turning and everything in between. Each has listed the areas they feel comfortable sharing below and we encourage you to contact them directly (click last name). They would be happy to hear from you and it can be a great way to jump start your turning skills.


Bloomington/Normal area:

Al Azinger – Lathe set up, new turners, general turning, bowls

Dave Bloom – General turning skills, lathe setup, preparing green stock for turning, basic spindle turning, basic bowl turning and lacquer spray finishing

Jim Meizelis (Danvers) – Beginning turning, off center turning and basic safety. During summer months only.

Bill Schultz – Lathe safety, sharpening tools, wood setup on lathe depending on article, use of tools, techniques and cutting, finishing


Decatur area:

Jerry Sievers (Macon) – Spindle turning, box making, top turning, using the skew, chain saw use, chain saw sharpening, addressing tree cutting issues



Roger Alexander – Basic lathe setup, small objects, bandsaw and chainsaw safety/tips, sharpening tools, basic bowl turning



Terry Quiram – Lathe setup and safety, bandsaw and chainsaw safety, tool sharpening, preparing stock for turning, bowl turning, hollow forms and small object turning



Dave Lee – UPDATED 2018 Laser set up, safety, bowls, burls, hollow forms ,and  art objects.



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