We require membership in the CIW club as well as the Anerican Association of Woodturners (AAW).

Benefits Include

  • Swap ideas, tools, wood, and more with other members.
  • Access to CIW’s large library of books and DVDs of the world’s finest woodturners.
  • Participate in workshops by internationally acclaimed wood artists.
  • AAW magazine


  • CIW membership fees are $25/year and go towards supporting club activities and library. Dues may be paid to Bill Schulz at 2103 Woodfield Rd in Bloomington, IL 61704.
  • AAW dues may be paid at

How to join:

  • All that needs to be done to join our club, is to come to a meeting and speak with our “Membership Chair” (currently Bill Schulz) or any other club officer if the Membership Chair isn’t there.
  • The Membership Chair will take some basic information (Name, address, phone, email, etc.) and collect the dues.  Dues are prorated for new members joining after the club’s fiscal year has started.
  • At that point, new members will be introduced to the rese of the club, given access to the “member’s only” section of the website where additional information is available, and a club name tag.
  • That’s it!  Pretty simple, really.  All that remains is to make some new friends, learn some new stuff, and have fun!


9 thoughts on “Membership

  1. Welcome to the club and we hope you will make all of our monthly meetings!

  2. I hope that one of your members can help me. I am building a body buck for a 1925 Buick and I need a couple of special pieces. Basically what I need are two pieces of 3” quarter round about 15” long. This means turning a 6” diameter blank and cutting it in quarters with as small a kerf as possible. Any kind of wood would be acceptable and I am certainly willing to pay for the results.
    Hope one of your members will accept the challenge.
    Tom Dierks
    309-xxx-xxxx cell

  3. Thanks for contacting us, Tom! We’ve passed this information out to the club members to see if anyone would like to take on this project. If someone is interested, they will contact you directly. In the mean time, I’m going to delete your phone number from the website post, just to try to protect it from the bots and the hackers who might try to bother you. Good luck with the restoration!

  4. Thank you for the note, Lyle. I sent you a message on Facebook with all of the information you should need. Your comment also made me realize we should have that information on the website page, so I’ll make an update. Hope to see you at a meeting!


  5. Fellow Turners: At Turning Saturday I won a tool which is almost a duplicate of one I already own. Since I don’t need two, it is for sale. It is the EasyWood #3 carbide-tipped gooseneck for turning inside the neck of vessels such as vases. It retails for $140 (plus tax) and I would request $100 OBO for it.
    Norm Koerner 217-787-8795 1095 Lenhard Road, Springfield, IL 62711

  6. My father-in-law was a woodturner and has paased. He saved years of “Fine Woodworking” magazine. He referred to back issues in creating many of his designs. Do any of the club members want the back issues for reference? We hate to throw them out if others could enjoy. Thank you!

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