2019 President’s challenge

There are six challenges issues throughout the course of the year that are designed to challenge club members to create something different.  Each challenge lasts for two months.

January and February:  Wrap it

March and April: Color it – Use dye, paint, stain, markers, pencils, crayons to decorate your turned object. Do not make the object all black or all brown. (Use brown and black sparingly.)

May and June:  Drill it – make a whole hole in your turned object.  Your hole can be cut, carved, drilled, chiseled, etc.  Natural holes do not count, but you can add your hole to a naturally holey object.

July and August:  Not Round – Make it on the lathe, but the final object is not round.  Therm it (talk to Frank Kobilsek), off center it, cut and reassemble (see some of Michael Hosaluk’s fish or worms)

September and October: Jewelry – make earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches, necklaces that have been turned on the lathe.  Kits are acceptable.

November and December: Geometric shapes – Use circles, squares, triangles, dodecahedrons, etc to decorate your turned object.