Tips & Techniques

Build and turn your own “Wig Stands” with Terry’s complete instructions!

Documents shared by Clay Foster during his demo

Terry Quiram on Serpentine Pen Blanks in the AAW Journal

Want to make a pen blank with a Celtic Knot? Terry Quiram shows you how to….!

Segmented Peppermill Blanks by Jason Swanson. This a followup to his demo on Peppermills at our one day demo at Frank’s shop on 2/25/17

The History of Tops by Toby Cunningham

Turning a Segmented Peppermill by Jason Swanson    Segmented Peppermill

Trent Bosch Demonstration 2008 Notes    trentb

Art of Critique by Ken Christiansen    Art of Critique

Inside the Bowl by Dennis Belcher    Inside the Bowl

Turning Bottle Stoppers by Frank Kobilsek    Bottle Stoppers II

Multi-Axis Turning Tips, Part 1 by Jim Meizelis    Multi-axis

Multi-Axis Turning Tips, Part 2 by Jim Meizelis    Multi-axis – 2

Captured Hollowing Tool by Dave Lee    Hollowing

Tips For Taking Better Digital Photos by Terry Quiram    Better Photos

How To Make a Pull-String Top by Terry Quiram    PullStringTop

Converting the Beall 3-in-One Buffing System to                                            Individual Wheels by Keith Zimmerman    Beall Conversion

Turning a Mini Hollow Form by Keith Zimmerman    Mini Hollow Form

Turning an Off Center Bowl by Keith Zimmerman    Off-center Bowl

Pepper Mill – It’s a New Grind by Nick Cook    peppermill

Mystery Salt Urn by Nick Cook    salt

Methods and Jigs for Reverse Turning Bowls by John Lucas                             Reverse Turning Bowls

Finishing Techniques by Dave Bloom    Bloom_finishing

Turning a Hollow Form by Joe Landon

Sanding disks for each grit by Jim Meizelis



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