2020 President’s challenge


  1. There will be 12 challenges, not 6.
  2. The challenges do NOT have to be completed in order, meaning any challenge can be brought to any meeting.
  3. Up to two challenge pieces can be brought to the same meeting.
  4. Each piece can only be used for ONE challenge.
  5. Each piece MUST be turned during 2020.
  6. Each piece completed will earn the turner one raffle ticket for the special year end raffle, i.e. 12 raffle tickets possible for each member.
  7. A grid showing completion, by member, will be posted on the website.  Maybe with pictures, if I can get that arranged.

The challenges for 2020 are:

  1. Something that was demonstrated during 2020
  2. Something with a finial > 6″ long
  3. Something for the kitchen, not a bowl
  4. Something done in collaboration with two or more CIW members.  All who collaborate on the piece get credit.
  5. Something for the Christmas tree
  6. Something that was broken/damaged and the repair becomes a part of the design
  7. Something with an inlay added
  8. Something segmented with at least 12 pieces
  9. Something purely sculptural, no utilitarian purpose
  10. Something with a lid that pops
  11. Something that is burnt (blowtorch or pyrography) or has a carved element
  12. Something that is painted or dyed
  13. BONUS:  Since the COVID-19 virus looks like a round ball, turn a sphere!  This particular challenge will be due at the first meeting we are able to meet in person, after the quarantine has been lifted.